What is e-currency?

The " E" of e-currency stands for "electronic"; in which means the currency used on the internet related field just like email. There are several benefits of using e-currency service on the internet like e-gold and paypal.

1. The e-currency can be used on the internet related commercial applications such as shopping on the internet and doing personal investment via internet.

2. The using of the ecurrency services for example e-gold and paypal brings people a new way not to use their credit card as the only payment method on the internet since sometime there exists a big risk to provide your credit card information to the merchant you do not know them very well and most of them are far far away in the other side of the earth .

3. The ecurrency service companies such as e-gold ,paypal and EMO can provide both the buyers and merchant the convenient way to send and receive the payment just by clicking the confirm button and the deal is done. None of the payment methods in the world right now can provide this kind of efficiency capability

4. Types of eCurrency : There are two major types of ecurrency in the world. The major different is their backed base . One is backed by precious metal such as e-gold is backed by gold . Another type of ecurrency is backed by hard currency like Paypal.
Digital Gold Currencies(DGCs) are a form of Internet money denominated in gold weight. The typical unit of account for such currencies is the gold gram or the troy ounce.  Another type of ecurrency but been backed by the hard currencies . Most of those currency backed digital money are backed in USD and EURO for example Paypal.
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What is e-currency?
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